Is the group's first company established in 1969. From the early days the management realized the necessity for infrastructure in especially in areas of water and wastewater. It entered into agreements with international companies to supply pipes, tanks required for the new construction drive back n the 1970's.

In the early 1980's it was the first in the region to introduce No-Dig Leak Detection and Leak Sealing of waste and sewerage pipelines and was successful on undertaking and completing the projects.

Today the company is focused on supplying niche products to oil and Gas industry, as well as providing services for the rehabilitation of pipelines through CCTV inspection and sealing technology saving contractors and clients substantial costs.


  • CCTV Inspection & Deflection Testing

    CCTV Inspection & Deflection Testing CCTV Inspection & Deflection Testing CCTV Inspection & Deflection Testing

    METCO specializes in the internal monitoring and Inspection of Water, Sewer, Oil and Gas pipelines. Our CCTV systems allow you to inspect new lines as part of a new construction acceptance program, or trouble shoot lines with frequent customer complaints. The system can inspect thousands of feet per day so that complete collection system inventories can be gathered.

  • Leak Sealing by Chemical Injection

    Leak Sealing by Chemical Injection

    Every joint is air / water pressure tested for leak. Once the crack or leak is detected, the sealing chemical is injected through crack joint to form an impermeable barrier around the outside of the pipe that permanently seals the crack / joint against, both infiltration / exfiltration, saving costly man-hours and project hand over delays.